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3 November, 2015

What Does Our Personal Well-Being Depend On?

Fourth Edition: November, 2015

It’s an honor for me to present the author of the 4th edition of CMI’s newsletter, Adela Meikler Ph.D. She is a doctor in Psychology with a Philosophical Orientation, which makes her the perfect professional to share CMI’s philosophical ideas.

What Does Our Personal Well-Being Depend on?

Dear reader, I’m glad we’ve met. Let’s turn now to the question of personal well-being. What does it depend on?

A moment that inspires in us a feeling of well-being can last as long as a lollipop in a child’s mouth. This is an everyday occurrence for any of us.

But can we achieve lasting personal well-being in the 21st century when everything has changed so much?

Lately, there has been important growth in technology and in certain areas of the sciences and manufacturing. At the same time, however, reality is filled with disturbing amounts of anguish, discomfort, stress, loneliness, and dissatisfaction. Some years ago, as you might recall, a noteworthy American movie came out. It was neither a comedy nor a form of entertainment. Its title was American Beauty and it depicted the daily lives of numerous families as they attempted to hide their anguish, fear, loneliness, and illness. Each storyline is resolved through a catastrophic misfortune. There’s no way out for any of these characters, only a continuous encounter with death and destruction. The worldwide success of the
movie, along with its five Academy Awards, underlined the importance of its message and its masterful representation of the problems besetting its protagonists.

So, let’s say it again: is it absurd to think about long-lasting personal well-being?

This is my answer: the state of personal well-being is impossible to reach unless we make it possible. After all, the idea of people flying was believed insane until planes were invented. The transformation of our lives is in our hands. It can happen if the person is determined and if they accept friendly guidance. I have proven this scientifically following long years of hard work, in which I bet on the most valuable aspects of each human being. Through the application of practical philosophy, each patient can enjoy a superior quality of life.

Practical philosophy offers philosophical and practical strategies, which, when carried out within a custom-made framework, help people make decisions and guide their actions towards a valuable, fruitful life. This research was carried out at the Jesuit-founded Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires. The objective was to prove – clearly, quantitatively, and qualitatively – the healing power of the philosophical, practical resources favoring permanent well-being. And even though, as part of the research, people were turned into figures, percentages, scales, and charts, the results nevertheless showed the positive achievements made by each participant. What word can we use to explain why Jacqueline, Osvaldo, Gisella, Marcelo, and Ada agreed to be part of this study? Discomfort. All of the participants mentioned the daily issues they face: health, work, their relationship to their families or surroundings. According to the results of the study, philosophical and practical training favors harmony and the highest personal well-being.

If we evaluate participants’ answers after a few months of training with philosophical and practical resources, their lives appear to have been definitely reoriented towards successful attitudes and actions. This is quite an improvement considering what we heard during our first interviews with them: “I’m done with this life and there’s no way out,” “I cannot live this way,” “I don’t know how I can reach normality in this abnormality,” and “My life sucks.” Although their consultations were focused on everyday problems, their expressions dug deeper.

The world is convulsed and needs serious change. Transforming our lives is in our hands. And for that reason, I celebrate and applaud the beneficial work carried out by Avanti Wellness. Thousands of people are determined to conquer a better life for a better world.

Adela Meikler Ph.D.
Doctor in Psychology with a Philosophical Orientation
Extracted from her book “Conquering Your Own Well-Being: How to Acquire Practical Tools to Achieve it.”

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