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Candor is a global facilitator committed to unleashing the boundless potential in all people.

October, 2019

Stopping the Cycle

Las Vegan’s struggle with addiction led him to rehab abroad.

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November, 2016

Recovered addict Voss nurses NFL dreams as Grand Valley State walk-on

Before we get to the gritty parts of this story — the day Alton Voss tied a shoelace around his arm and shot up crack in a Walmart parking lot; or how he started selling drugs to pay for his own addiction; or the time he stole a car, went on a joy ride, and was caught by the cops — let’s start with the meeting.

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July, 2015

Heroin addicts reprogrammed

The staff immediately sees the patients as new members of their family. Their job is to focus on what others deem impossible, or close to a miracle — restoring the addict from someone who created anguish to becoming a successful leader in family and community.

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July, 2015

Families cope with addiction

When individuals are addicted to heroin, they disappear into the underground world of fellow addicts and dealers. Families are left in the dark and have no idea what their loved one does on a daily basis.

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July, 2015

Heroin: Addicts tell their stories

This is the journey of three former heroin addicts from West Michigan who could have faced a life behind bars, or were only an overdose away from death's door. Then they found a whole new approach to living a happy and drug-free life in another part of the world they never even dreamed of visiting.

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October, 2013

Candor Presents a Medical Tourist’s Solution to Addiction, Depression, and Eating Disorders

Candor introduces in Argentina, a group of professional that uses both traditional medicine and practical philosophy to treat patients from all over the world who suffer from addiction, depression, and eating disorders. The goal, in each case, is to help people improve their quality of life.

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