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Candor promotes medical and philosophical therapies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has successfully treated complicated issues like substance abuse, depression, and eating disorders, among others. This group of interdisciplinary professionals is dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients.

Patients begin with a comprehensive medical and philosophical diagnosis, which lasts seven days. After the diagnosis has been completed, the results are presented to the patient, who is given a unique treatment tailored to his or her needs and that exceeds all expectations.

CMI has a team of qualified professionals and a magical environment to achieve successful experiences and treatments.

Buenos Aires,

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Candor promotes a team of multidisciplinary professionals equipped to handle a wide range of specialties.

Full range of medical specialists

Multiple medical diagnoses

Philosophical coaches

Supplementary Wellness Services

Identifying and Developing Vocation

Diversified and Cultural Activities in Buenos Aires

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Bilingual Professionals

Patient Statistics

A balancing effect
on patients

By channeling their energy into creative pursuits and a goal-oriented lifestyle, patients can free themselves of their problems of substance abuse.

● Patients who have completed their recommended treatment report a 95% success rate.
● Patients who have not completed their recommended treatment report a 60% success rate. However, even those who continue to struggle now have new tools that can help them avoid the destructive paths they were on.

Service Areas

Combining Traditional
Medicine and Practical Philosophy

The following professionals are always at hand to focus on your care and may participate in your custom-made treatment. Also, beyond the treatment itself, we also offer vocational guidance.


Collective medical specialists

General practitioner, psychiatrist, cardiologist, gynecologist, pneumologist, endocrinologist, biochemist, pharmacist, dermatologist, otolaryngologist, traumatologist, ophthalmologist, and dentist, amongst others.


Psychologist and philosophical coach.


Nutritionist, therapeutic assistant, massage therapist, and elite physical trainer.


Multiple diagnoses and treatments.


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