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3 April, 2015

It’s Our 5-year Anniversary

Second Edition: April, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the second CMI newsletter to communicate with the many wonderful people we’ve met over the last five years. Yes! It’s been five years (of Avanti Wellness representing CMI) since we started sharing with American clients CMI’s medical and philosophical concept of well-being.

Improving the quality of life has been CMI’s mission since starting out in 2000, when it began working with Argentine and European clients using techniques developed almost 30 years ago by philosophical coaches and medical professionals.

The story gets a bit more interesting in 2010: now Americans have the opportunity to experience CMI.

It was in March 2010 when Kim Advent, the president of Avanti Wellness, heard about CMI and the success of its “practical philosophical ideas.” Their core values – as well as the results of their physical, mental, and emotional work carried out with many individuals – were intriguing.

At first, CMI was kind of a “secret” for many Americans. With great enthusiasm, we can announce that there’s finally a place where many of life’s issues can be resolved. It doesn’t matter if you require medical services, need relationship repair, or are suffering from financial woes, among other complications. CMI has always had the ability to design a unique treatment meant just for you and your life goals!

Today, the focus on wellbeing is at the core of conquering individual needs and acquiring the practical tools to achieve this end. Now clients can begin to profoundly transform and rebuild their lives in all areas.

The goal is for each client to be successful in life. All of us try to conquer happiness and achieve harmony. However, when we find ourselves far from our own truth, we are led down a path of pain and unhealthy consequences.

Depression is likely the biggest health problem in the world. CMI offers a fast and thorough solution for this malady. AW would like to share with you documented evidence of the “emptiness disease,” as described by CMI’s psychologist, Horacio Vesce.

How to defeat mediocrity?

When we don’t find a deep, complete, and harmonious philosophical answer to our existential problems, we can suffer anxiety, depression, addiction, illness, and even death. The “illusion” of emptiness, in fact, is filled with pain and is linked to a mechanized life.

Humanity currently seems to lack genius. Nature tends to find a balance. A life that does not materialize through “creative action” takes the form of an “illness.”

Philosophical therapy and its tools allow people to achieve a state of creative, deliberate, disciplined living. In this “biological dance” between a person and his or her environment, the cosmos is the accomplice of health. That is when we can say we’re travelling “health-mindedly” between the electron and the galaxy, with the goal of forgetting about our disease.

We invite all of you to cross the bridge and achieve well-being!

Let us help you. There is hope in this chaotic world.

Thank you so much,

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