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3 April, 2016

A Business that Offers Big Benefits

Fifth Edition: April, 2016

It’s an honor for me to again present the author of the 5th edition of CMI’s newsletter, Adela Meikler Ph.D. She is a doctor in Psychology with a Philosophical Orientation, which makes her the perfect professional to share CMI’s philosophical ideas. Adela extracted material for this newsletter from her book “Conquering Your Own Well-Being: How to Acquire Practical Tools to Achieve it”.

A Business that Renders Big Benefits

Dear reader, I’m glad we meet again for one of our wonderful conversations. Let’s agree on something from the very beginning: it’s tempting to be interested in obtaining benefits, though it can sometimes prove complicated to get to enjoy those benefits.

Who could ignore the benefits of personal well-being? This is an ancient matter, renewed with each human being.

People have always needed – and still need – to decipher the true enigma of personal well-being. This is shown in traditions, folklore, and literary works from every culture. Where can we find the answer? In the search itself. Let’s look at a beautiful story from Slavic folklore, about the hero Sadko.

His tale has been expressed in many ways, depending on the country, language, and historical moment. Curiously, there has even been an American take: The Magic Voyage of Sinbad, with a script revised by a young Francis Ford Coppola, who turned Sadko into Sinbad the Sailor.

Sadko has a noble goal: to find happiness and well-being for his people. First, he tries donating his money and belongings to the poor. When this doesn’t work, he begins searching for the bluebird of happiness. After many unexpected adventures, he returns to his town, having understood that true well-being is not in distant lands but rather deep within, inside each person. The secret lies within us…

Today, infinite streams of data surround us and dishearten us. Many plagues beleaguer our present: personal dissatisfaction, depression, anguish, stress, violence. Yet we can state – and not just with mere words – that we’ve found a solution! We have scientifically proven, in the Jesuit-founded Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, that we can achieve beneficial results through philosophical and practical resources. We have by no means ignored the big enemy here: drug abuse. The UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes) states in its World Report on Drugs:

“The areas of the world with more drug-related deaths are North America and Oceania, 1 in every 20 deaths among those aged 15-64. It is estimated that 99,000 to 253,000 annual deaths can be attributed to illicit drug use.”

Chilling, isn’t it?

Let‘s refer back to the Holy Scriptures:

“I have set before you life and death. Choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

How to choose a good life? That’s what it’s all about. To this end, practical philosophy offers philosophical and practical strategies. By training to perfect them alongside an experienced coach, people can beneficially transform their personal attitudes.

To beat the evil drug plague and look for true solutions, CMI Abasto in Argentina offers an answer to this serious ailment. It provides custom-made combinations of traditional medicine and practical philosophy, favoring better decision-making and guiding personal actions towards a fruitful, satisfying, and successful life. In other words, it allows people to lead a true life.

Adela Meikler Ph.D.
Doctor in Psychology with Philosophical Orientation
Extracted from her book “Conquering Your Own Well-Being: How to Acquire Practical Tools to Achieve it”

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